Learn the art of Ju-Jutsu

                                            Shinpi Izumi  –   Means - Sacred Spring  

The school seeks to emulate the traditional principals of warrior enlightenment.

As well as martial endeavours, the student should strive hard to perfect themselves inwardly by the understanding and concern for the well being of others.

This is why our training includes certain aspects of psychology and sociology.

It then makes it easier for us to comprehend the problems of those around us as well as our own. By  training in this way we find ourselves equipped with certain tools with which to help the situation to improve.

The true path of the warrior enlightenment teaches us the totality of being, The fact that all people and all things are related at very complex levels. 



 Shinpi Izumi   is a system of combat that encompasses Samurai  warrior traditions:



Hard techniques:-  Striking, Kicking, Constricting 

Soft techniques:  This includes the principles of compliance, and harmony manifests itself in the Aiki jutsu, Tai                                jutsu and Ju-jutsu of the school. 

Bo Jutsu, the art of the staff which includes:- Bo (6ft Stave)  Jo (4ft Stave)  Hanbo (3ft stave) Tanbo (1ft stave)  

The art of the blade which includes:- Iai (drawing of the sword)Ken (the use of the sword) tanto (knife)