Bio Robert Banks


1986    Started Aikido training ( Sensei Ian Walters Burnham on sea Ki Federation of Great Britain)

            Walk round Britain to raise money and awareness for the building of H.Q. Ki Fed

1989    moved to London (Sensei Mark Greenly Muswell Hill Ki Federation)

1991    Black belt first Dan (Sensei Mark Greenly Muswell Hill Ki Federation of Great Britain)

1993    Ki Federation of Great Britain Teaching certificate 

            Opened Crawley Aikido class

1993    Black belt second Dan (Sensei Mark Greenly Muswell Hill Ki Federation of Great Britain)

1995    Met Piers in Crawley, invited me to join Sensei Denis Burke in new association

             during this period I was developing a teaching syllabus for students with special needs

             (Downs syndrome, Brain injury and physical disabilities)

             resigned Ki Fed

             Joined Isshinkai

             Attended BAB teachers training course at Coldharbour Dojo (do not remember receiving certificate)

            This culminated in presenting special students at BAB course at Leeds University

            Sensei Denis Burke came to Crawley to grade special students

 2002   I was Invited to visit New School Aikido in U.S.A. by american students from Gatwick

            Asked Sensei Burke to accompany me, met Sensei John Smart, Hikitsuchi student            

2003    British Aikido Board  Teaching Certificate (Adults and Children) (level 2)

2003   Crawley College of Technology - City & Guilds 7307 Part 1 Adult teaching  

            Sensei Burke asked me to become Ushi Deshi at Andover Dojo

2004    Black Belt third Dan (Aikido Yuishinkai International)           

2005    International Kinesiology College     -  Touch For Health Certificate (Foundation


2005    Isshinkai Academy-  Postgraduate Teaching Certificate (Aikido)

2007     Moved to Somerset to care for mother

             Opened West Somerset Aikido Isshinkai

2010     Black Belt Fourth Dan (Aikido Yuishinkai International)

2012     Associated with Shinpi Izumi Dojo Martial arts Group as their Aikido instructor

             Iaido- Jujitsu - Kempo - Traditional Judo - Karate - Chi Gung - Escrima - Krav Maga

2014    Closed class due to bereavement though continued to present Aikido on courses

2015    Taught privately at home

2015     Awarded 5h Dan Aikido by Shinpi Izumi dojo

2018    S.I.A Security/ doorman badge,

2021    Awarded 6th Dan Aikido by Shinpi Izumi Dojo


During the time at Andover developed methods to facilitate Aiki exercises for people with limited movement, using visualisation and intention, passed this to Sensei Burke. I am informed that this had positive results though I was not privy to the letters alleged to have been received at Isshinkai Dojo pertaining to the results, though I was told that people had gained movement that impressed families of clients.


I teach a philosophy of unconditional love, self respect, respect for others and non violent self defence with the tenacity of aiki connection producing a gentle  constructive form of Aikido


through experience changing negative thought and language to produce positive outcomes confronting violence with love so as not escalating violence