Zaaraoui Nabil is a professor of physical sciences graduated in 2004 from the faculty of sciences of bizerte and teaches since 2005, begins the practice of the martial arts in 1990 in American boxing, in 1994 he training in jujitsu under the direction of shihan HIDOURI CHEDLI 8th dan graduated from "WASCA" Italian international federation, Nabil obtains his first black belt in 1998 and since 2000 begins to teach the traditional jujitsu until now, after he makes the kick boxing 1 ERE DAN with great master BOUZIDI HAMADI 6th Dan international and 4 EME DAN of the Tunisian federation of kick boxing, nabil also makes the TAEKWANDO WITH SHIHAN ABDELJALIL HARRABI 8 th dan of coree and buyer of the national team of Algeria, it also obtains 3 EME DAN TAEKWANJUTSU of the part the l ' Arab union of TAEKWAN JUTSU and 1st dan with certeficate of Arab boxer, in 2007 and after meeting with shihan NICOLAS TACCHI 9 DAN IN SIN MOO HAPKIDO, Nabil makes his 1st DAN and obtains certeficate of federal instructor of The French federation of sin moo hapkido and becomes its representative in tunisia, 5 EME DAN SELF DEFENSE OF "WASCA" Nabil made training courses, he also made a very important research of the illustrated katas of jujitsu and in 2016 he gains his 4 EME DAN Goshin Jujutsu with English and Welsh federation "Shinpi Izumi Dojo" and becomes their representative in Tunisia