Clive Turner sensei started his martial arts life at 7, [so 1980 ouch] his dad was a flyweight boxing champion in his army regiment (3 Queens Infantry regiment), and taught me how to box and I joined west hills boys club, he learnt4 judo over several years, he then started in karate, and achieved my First black belt: British karate jitsu kai, under john Wilson (8th Dan) and Bernard Creaton (8th Dan) I also fought for east Sussex in points, semi contact and full contact team and individual events.

During this time he was already learning target and field archery, and competing at weekends: My highest ranking was 4th in the British field archery championships hunting tackle class, he also shot in the bow hunter, primitive and long bow classes Colin Ford and Steve Joy of Senlac field bowmen taught me about archery and giving me a love for the wilderness and working in harmony with it.

Clive was in his schools army and air force cadets and in the local army cadets, and also learning and competing in fencing competitions, learning foil, sabres and epee, and fighting for east Sussex in several county competitions, as well as learning medieval English weapons and Japanese’s swords.

Due to the life style Clive was then leading (motorbikes, drinking, etc.) he decided he needed to learn more unarmed martial arts again, as he was already learning yoga for my mental health; he needed to work on my physical health.

He started with Ninjitsu, first meeting and training with students of Masaaki Hatsumi Soke, instructor in Brighton Andy Thomas, and then on to harunaka hoshino soke and achieving a black belt under Nick Martin (6th Dan) and Adam Richardson, My main instructor was Warren Dickerson, at Wickford / Southend dojo, Then Nick martin at Brentford, and I was also ukei for Mick Ford.

Around this time he was introduced to John Biggs shihan, Terry Hall shihan, Vicky Lucas sensei, Jamie lee barron shihan George Scarrott Shihan, Steve Moxey and the world kubodo organisation, and kiai yamabushi Ryu

Because of his enthusiasm and outlook on life he eventually became ukei for shihan Biggs, we then left kai yamabushi ryu and under shihan Biggs started training for the shinpi izumi dojo, his journey with them has continued over 20 years and he has experience way to many highlights, experiences and stories, he has attended and taught at multi arts courses all over England, Ireland and Portugal, and being asked to be an ambassador for the Disability Martial Arts Association of England (since 2007)

Through Shihan Biggs, clives love for the Indonesia stick and knife way of fighting was encouraged and hes had the pleasure of learning Capa de mano escrima, kalli escima, full contact stick fighting, rapid arnis, Balintawak and Sayoc knife fighting,

Clive took part in the Dartford challenge stick fighting competition and trained under the instructors Nigel Hedrich Tuhon for 6 months & weekend courses with Pat O’Malley Tuhon & Kristina goddaru, Rich Cotterill of balintawak UK, Eric Amada of the British council of kali eskrima arnis instructors, and Marcie Harding Director of Dacayana Eskrima (UK & Europe).

Clives been lucky enough to train with and learning from some of the biggest names in martial arts over the last 25 years, in mixed martial arts events: Marco ruas, Rickson Gracie London representatives, bob Breen, pat O’Malley, Kristina goddaru, Steve Grayston, Ron Holt, bill Wallace, sandy holt, Cesar bewoski, Master Sken, Workshops with Geoff Thompson & Peter Constantine of the BCA (British combat association), Training with Andy Norman and Buster Reeves in the keysi fighting method, Studying kendo with Robert and Jackie Patton (over 6 months), Studying Iaidio with Fay Goodman (over 6 months), Training in juke-kun-do with Bob Breen (weekend course), Leaning samurai sword skills and aiki jitsu with Ron Holt (over 6 months) several weekend courses with Balintawak Chief UK Instructor Rich Cotterill, and Steve moxey 7th Dan British Jujitsu Ryu and with Kevin Pell Ishin Ryu Ju Jitsu 9th dan (in England and Portugal) and weekend courses with Richard Gillies and Dave Clark in Ninjitsu.

Clive attending the kosha natsu martial arts festivals, run by Steve Grayson Shihan in 1996 & 1997, and trained with George scarrott and Jamie-lee Barron kai yamabushi ryu and world kubodo) he attended and taught with Shihan Biggs in Tipperary weekend course (Ireland) in 1998, he helped to organise and run The Lynmouth festival of martial arts, and The Glastonbury annual meeting of the Shinpi Izumi masters course, and he Learned NLP with Paul McKenna, Bob Breen and Richard bander and was awarded a licenced practitioner.

Clive wrote his first book in 2018, 'Mind, Body and Spirit, Training notes from a student and teacher of the martial arts', althought is has recieved offers from 3 publishers it has yet to be finalised, a free PDF version is available to students

The one event he will always remember...was teaching the Hells Angels about breaking wrists on the side of the stage whilst Motorhead played 10 ft. away and then going out with the band and the boys afterwards. [so doesnt remember all of it]

Important dates

1989 - First black belt: British karate jitsu kai, under John Wilson Sensei (8th Dan) and Bernard Creaton Sensei

26/05/96 - Black belt in Ninjitsu, under Nick Martin (6th Dan) and Adam Richardson 

08/09/97 - Black belt in jiutisu under George Scarrott and Jamie-lee Barron kai yamabushi ryu and world kubodo 

1998 - The hastings dojo first opened

1999 - Awarded NLP licenced practitioner

05/03/2005 - 3rd Dan in jujitsu, Under Shihan John Biggs (7th Dan) and shihan Terry Hall (8th Dan) Shinpi izumi dojo 

2007 - Ambassador for the Disability Martial Arts Association of England

2018 - Book written, 'Mind, Body and Spirit, Training notes from a student and teacher of the martial arts'

16/10/2018 - 4th Dan in jujitsu Under Hanshin John Biggs (8th Dan) and shihan Terry Hall (8th Dan) Shinpi izumi dojo