Shinpi Izumi Dojo  -  Grading System

The system of our school is much like any modern Budo school in that not only does it include titles and grades from Shodan but that it also has a system of coloured belts as a basis of the system.  It also uses the titles of Tashi, Renshi, Shidoshi Shihan and Hanshi well as Gempai, Sempai and Sensei. 

 It encourages the student to include not only the study of the physical techniques of the art they are studying but aspects of academic study with regard to history, philosophy, the warrior myth and mysticism in the form of short essays and lectures in keeping with their training.

        0 :     White       Purity                          -   Soul of heaven

      1 :      Red          Blood                         -   Birth in Matter   

      2 :      Yellow      Light                         -   Learning about life

      3 :     Orange     Blossom                     -   Realisation of Ignorance   

     4 :     Green       Trees and grass          -   Appreciation of Knowledge

     5 :      Blue         Water                          -   Reflection on past

     6 :      Brown       Earth                          -   Contemplation of Future                          Title      Sempai  

     7 :      Black        Death                         -    Reunion with Creator                              Title     Sempai

     6 :      Shodan     Oki - iri                       -   Entrance to Secrets                                 Title     Sensei

     5 :      Nidan        Moki/Roku                  -   Catalogued                                              Title      Sensei

     4 :      Sandan      Shioshi-ho/Menkyo                                                                        Title      Tashi

     3 :      Yondan      Licenced probationary teacher of the warrior arts                     Title      Renshi

     2 :      Godan        Shidoshi Kaiden     teacher of the warrior arts                           Title      Shidoshi

     1 :      Rokudan    Everything Passed                                                                        Title      Shihan

    0 :      Sichidan     Full Circle,             Menkio Kaiden                                                Title      Hanshi

                                           GRADING EXAMINATIONS AND TESTS 

Many subjects exist that require some sort of test ability.  Whilst the grading examination of the Shinpi Izumi should contain such tests, they should also contain elements of philosophy, psychology, reflecting our curriculum much more fully and having a deeper meaning for the student. 

This action of including these subjects enables us to make sure the grading becomes an initiation or rite of passage.  For such were the ritual selection tests for aspiring members of the warrior caste.

The ‘lesson of the belts’ should be explained and demonstrated showing how all grades within the system, from the highest to the lowest are connected to one another.  This also teaches the student the importance we place upon fraternal love and support, as well as our disregard for ego and pride in our degree of learning,