John or `Jo`Biggs`  teaches in the `Castle Road` area of Bedford and assists at a class in Sandy, (a small market town in Bedfordshire).

He currently holds a 9th dan in Goshin Ju Jutsu

Jo gained Shodan in the early Eighties.and has been teaching Ju jitsu for the past twenty years as well as being Uke for several prominent Ju Jitsu Hanshi.

Jo has trained and graded in Aikido, Kickboxing, Karate, and Escrima. He has fought competively both in Kickboxing (full and semi contact) and sport jiu jitsu and the early full contact stick fighting competitions organised by the A.M.A/S.C.I (1987-1989). 

His first class was based in Chelsea, London, with subsequent classes in Camden, Hendon, and Fulham, and Sandy before relocating to Bedford. Many of his students now have there own dojo or clubs. 

During the Eighties and Nineties. Jo regularly taught and organised seminars in England, Europe and Canada, He was responsible for organising the Algarve International Festival of martial arts from 1987-1997, He has regularly written for various martial arts magazine and has recently published two books on Martial Arts. `Grace under pressure` and Ad and Jo`s Hypnosis for Martial Arts. 

Jo is particularly interested in the healing aspects of the martial arts and sport psychology, Having trained to Master practitioner and trainer trainer level in Hypnosis, NLP and Healing Arts with Seka Nicolac. Michael Breen, Paul Mckenna and Dr Richard Bandler. Additionally Jo was part of the assisting team For McKenna/Breen NLP practitioner and master practitioner NLP courses.

Jo is a qualified paramedic and works as a tutor/trainer for the Ambulance sevice.He is a qualified First Aid at Work trainer. An is currently seconded to the University of Hertfordshire to take a Emergency Care Practioner Course.He regularly works as a Creative Tutor for Semillion a company that creates Personal change and life coaching.  

Grading History

Jiu Jitsu 1st Dan 1981 examined by B.Dossett

Aikido 1st  Dan 1987 examined by J.L.Barron

1st Dan Kobudo examined by Martin Gwynne A.M.A/A.W.A. 1989

1st degree black sash Escrima 1989 examined by Martin Gwynne. Plymouth Escrima

2nd degree Bujinkan Ninpo Tai Jutsu `togakure ryu` examined by Andres pnce Rodrigues 8th dan

1990 4th Dan Jiu jutsu examined by J.L.barron/Andres Rodriugez

1992 2nd Dan B.J.J.A.GB examined by B.J.J.A.GB

1993 4th Dan Aiki Jutsu examined by G.Scarrott. A.M.A

1996 6th Dan Examined by A.Tattersall, F.Goodman. A.Rodriugez.G.Scarrott.J.L.Barron

2006 7th Dan Irish Martial Arts Commission/ Governing Body for JuJutsu Ireland. Examined by Joe Carslake

2008 3rd Degree Black Sash Escrima, examined by Master Jhun Dacayana, Cebu City,Phillpines

2012 8th Dan Goshin Jiu Jitsu, Irish Martial Arts Commission/Governing Body for Jiu Jitsu Ireland.Irish Sports Council. and  Dokan Ryu International/IMAF. 

2018 9th Dan awarded by  Hanshi Brian Jacks 10th Dan - Hanshi Ray Woods 10th Dan - Hanshi Gary st 10th Dan


A.M.A National Championships 1988 Bronze Medal

A.M.A National Championships 1989 Bronze Medal

British Sport Jiu Jitsu Championships 1989 Bronze medal(BJJAGB)

British Combat Nunchaku Championships 1988 Silver medal

British Combat Nunchaku Championships 1989 Bronze Medal

British Full Contact Stick Fighting Championship 1987 British Champion